Using Zoom in Blackboard

Create Online Class Meeting Rooms

 1. Log into Blackboard Learn and select the course where you want to create an Online Zoom Meeting Room.

 2. Click the Tools button on the blue menu bar.

 3. Scroll down to the bottom on the Tools page and click on Zoom Conferencing.

 4. To create an Online Zoom Meeting Room click the Create Meeting (1-Click) button; or click the Create Meeting (Custom)-- if you select Create Meeting (Custom) jump to step 6. 

 5. That's it!  You will now see a meeting link with the name of your Blackboard course under the Online Class Meeting(s) heading. Both instructors and students can click this meeting link and enter the Zoom meeting. Also, a Blackboard Announcement with a link to the Blackboard Zoom Conferecning tool page will automatically be sent to all those enrolled in the course.  

 6. To create a Custom Zoom meeting room click on Create Meeting (Custom).

 7. Enter / change the meeting details:

  • By default, the name of your course will appear in the "Topic" field.  Enter a custom name for your Zoom meeting.
  • Select whether you want your student's (participant) webcam on or off when they enter the meeting room.
  • Select whether your (host) webcam is on or off when you enter the meeting room.
  • If you want your students (participants) to enter and use the meeting room without you (host) present, select "on" next to Allow Join Before Host (recommended).
  • Select how you want you (host) and your students (participants) to connect their audio to your meeting (recommend selecting "Both").
  • If necessary, password protect your meeting room.
  • Select whether you want to reuse the room (Recurring) throughout the semester, or if you want to use the room for a specific day/time (Scheduled).
  • Select whether you want a Blackboard Annoucnment to be automatically sent to all those enrolled in your course informing them of this custom Zoom Meeting room.  

 8. That's it! A link to your Custom Zoom Class Meeting Room will appear under the "Online Class Meeting Room" heading. Both Instructors and Students can use this link to enter the Zoom Meeting Room.

Start Online Class Meeting

* It's recommended that Faculty install & log into the Zoom client (software) before launching a Zoom Meeting via Blackboard.  
** Students can also follow the directions below to join your Zoom Meeting via Blackboard (students do not log into Zoom).  

1) Click the Tools button on the blue menu bar.

2) Scroll down to the bottom on the Tools page and click on Zoom Conferencing.

3) To join a Zoom Meeting Room click the blue link under the "Online Class Meeting(s)" heading. 

4) A new tab or window will open in your browser, redirecting you to the Zoom Meeting, and depending on your web browser you may have to click the "Launch Application" button that appears

5) Finally, click the green button to join your speakers and microphone to the Zoom Meeting, or click the "Join by Phone" to dial in. 


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