I am teaching a course, but it is not listed in my Canvas course list. What should I do?

Canvas uses the listing from the University and School of Medicine Registrar's Offices to add instructors to course sites. If you log in to Canvas and do not see a course you are teaching, please check to verify that you are the course instructor in MyAccess.

  • Main Campus Courses:  If you are not listed as the instructor in MyAccess, please contact the University Registrar's Office (for Main Campus courses) at univregistrar@georgetown.edu or 202-687-4020.
  • School of Medicine Courses:  If you are not listed as the instructor in MyAccess, please contact the Medical Registrar's Office (for School of Medicine courses) at medregistrar@georgetown.edu or 202-687-1856.

Once you are added to the registrar's system to be an instructor in a course, you will have instructor access to your course site in Canvas by the next business day (unfortunately, Canvas does not immediately update the changes made by the Registrar's office).

NOTE: A person who does not need to be listed as an instructor in the registrar's course catalog, but needs the role of instructor for the course (e.g., a staff member assisting with a course that needs full instructor access) should ask an instructor for the course to add him/her to the course site through the People tab in a Canvas site.  See Add Users to a Canvas Site for step-by-step instructions.

When will my course site be created?
Canvas course sites are created prior to the beginning of each semester according to the following schedule:
    •    November 1:  Spring course sites are created
    •    March 1:  Summer course sites are created
    •    May 15, 2018:  Fall 2018 course sites are created

For example, on November 1, Blackboard sites will be created for each course for the upcoming Spring. Please note, however, that courses must first be loaded in the Registrar's system (e.g., Banner) before they can be created in Canvas.
Course sites added to the Registrar's system after the above dates will appear in Blackboard the following business day.

Student Enrollment Information in Canvas sites:  Student enrollment will be reflected in Canvas course sites once registration is underway.  For example, once a student registers for a course in the registrar's system, Canvas will take anywhere from six to nine hours to update and display the student's name in the Canvas course site.

Please access the Registrar's Academic Calendar for specific dates for each term, school, campus or program.

To request a site in Canvas that is NOT in the Registrar's system, please click here.