Using GUFaculty360

First and foremost, please do NOT hesitate to email for ANY questions, suggestions, or requests. We make every effort to improve your experience with the site, and welcome any input. This is also the email to send your CV or list of publications, if you would like for us to populate your GUFaculty360 profile. We realize it can be a daunting task in the beginning to populate a full profile. 

Q: How do I upload or update my CV?

A: Go to "Manage Personal Information." (The button is located immediately below your profile picture on your profile page). CV section is located half way down this page. If you do not yet have a CV uploaded, you should see the "Choose a file to upload" interface." See screenshot below:

Upload a new file screenshot

If you want to replace your existing CV with a new one, click on "Upload a new CV" in the same section. Be sure to set the level of privacy for your profile to the desired level. The default for uploaded CV is private (the user icon). You can change it to Public (the globe), or GU only (graduation cap). Clicking on the uploaded file will download a copy. You must have pop-up enabled for this to work. (Instructions on how to enable popup windows for Chrome, Firefox and Safari are available)

Q: Will there be training sessions on GUFaculty360?

A: Yes! You can sign up online here for instructor-lead sessions either in person or online. 

Q: I’m using Firefox / IE / Edge and it doesn’t work the way the Job Aids say it does.

A: There are known issues with Firefox and Internet Explorer/Edge. Please switch to a different browser (Chrome or Safari). Firefox issues are usually minor, if you experience one, please let us know so we can explore solutions to resolve. IE, however, is not recommended for use with GU360, especially older versions. 

Q: Why is my education information incorrect? It was fine in Explore.

A: In order to ensure we have the most up to date information, key information is being integrated from the Systems of Record, such as Banner (Registrar's office database for course related information, aka MyAccess) or GMS. Faculty education information comes from GMS, and will need to be updated in GMS instead of GUFaculty360. If you find data that is correct in GMS but incorrect in GUFaculty360 please contact with details on the data that needs to be corrected so that we may troubleshoot.

Doctoral students' education comes from Banner, and cannot be changed. Please contact your graduate school's dean's office for corrections.

Q: I entered a DOI or ISBN number and an unfamiliar title auto-populated. Why?

A: For ISBN you should not use any dashes or special characters. The databases are not always accurate, so while this is a time saver, the auto-entry feature does require validation, particularly for older publications. Sometimes, the published titles are slightly differnent from your working title. The databases are usually correct on the published titles. 

Q: I have no advisees on my Dashboard. Why Not?

A: Currently we are only able to “pull” advisees from Banner by term. Thus, if you have no advisees assigned for Summer, nothing will display on your Dashboard until they are loaded in Banner for Fall. We are working on a better solution.

Q: Why is the system so slow?

A: The system should only be slower to load list items if you have many of them under one list (for example, if you have 50+ Articles in Journals, it may take a few seconds to load the entire list). The previous speed issues have been resolved. If you experience intermitten performance issues, please let us know

Q: My information is wrong; the system doesn’t work the way I would expect it to. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact with any issues. It would be helpful if you can let us know what browser or operating system you are using and describe in detail the issue you are having. We are committed to an excellent user experience and want your feedback so that we can continually improve the system.

Q: Can I pull information from my own website, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, PubMed, ORCID or other sites where I already maintain a profile?

A: In future phases we will be working on integrations. In the meantime we encourage you to add links on your profile to any external pages you think are important. Alternately, we are happy to populate your GUFaculty360 profile for you, if you send us your CV, or a list of publications, or a link to where your list of publications are. We realize it can be a daunting task in the beginning to populate a full profile. 

Q: My expertise/language is not available to populate. How do I get it added?

A: Please contact with your requested add. We will check for any duplicates and work with you to add additional information.

Q: Why can’t I edit certain information in GU360, for example my education, office location or appointment information?

A: Some of the information comes from the System of Record, either GMS or Banner. To ensure synchronization of changes, we ask that you change information in GMS directly, contact your HR Representative or, in the case of class/roster information, please contact us and we will work with the Office of the Registrar to correct information.

Q: I added my information, but I don't see them when I'm not logged in.

A:  Most fields on GUFaculty360 has privacy settings that defaults to private, if they are not changed manually. This is likely the reason why you are not seeing the data when not logged in. Please log in and change the settings accordingly. 

Q: I had links to my publications on Explore, but they are not on GU360.

A: In cases where there was a broken link, we tried to find the correct link. If we couldn’t find a working link, we removed it. Some of the Explore links were not actual links. They linked to another page on Explore with the same information as the previous page. Those were not retained when we transitioned to GU360.

Q: How do I set privacy?

A: Each subsection contains the following icons:

  •   The globe represents “public” access, meaning any visitor to GUFaculty360 can see this information.
  •   The mortarboard indicates “Georgetown Only” access, meaning only users logged in via the NetID can see this information.
  •   The silhouetted individual represents “private” visibility, meaning this data is only viewable by you, delegates with access to make changes on your behalf or administrators overseeing the data in GUFaculty360.

Q: I am an adjunct professor/emeritus, do I have a profile?

A: If you are an active faculty member or Emeritus in GMS, you will automatically have a profile created with basic information from GMS (and Explore data if you had a profile in Explore).

Profile Editing Delegation

Q: How do I delegate someone to update my profile for me?

A: Please email to grant permissions. Emails went out to all faculty with known delegates before we launched to verify continued delegation, you can simply respond to that or send us a new email. This is necessary because GUFaculty360 contains more information than Explore and provide options for privacy settings at the discretion of the individual faculty member.

Q: Are there different levels of delegation choices?

A: Currently, we have 2 levels: 

  • Full, which means your delegate can access and update any fields on GU360 that you can, minus the Dashboard page, which is private only to the user.
  • Syllabus only, which means your delegate can only upload syllabus for you for your classes, and cannot update any other information on your profile. 

Please indicate which level of delegation you want when you email us. 

Q: I have private administrative assistance that is not a Georgetown staff member, can I designate him/her as a delegate?

A: Licensing is required to maintain your profile on your behalf so we would like to limit delegates to active Georgetown employees with NetIDs. Please contact us at and we will see what we can do.

Q: I have been managing profiles for faculty members for years, why do I need authorization now?

A: GUFaculty360 contains more information than Explore and provide options for privacy settings at the discretion of the individual faculty member. It is designed for self service but there is an option for delegated authority upon request.

Q: I don’t have any administrative assistance and want help with updating my profile. Who can help me?

A: The system is designed to be easy to use and has new features such as auto-population of publications based on ISBN or DOI numbers. But UIS is committed to assisting Georgetown’s Faculty members so if you need/want help updating your profile, please contact

Explore Related Questions

Q: What is the process to migrate faculty data from Explore to GUFaculty360?

A: All of your profile information that is currently in Explore has been automatically converted. If there are issues with your information you can correct it directly in GUFaculty360 or contact

Q: How will the migration affect the course descriptions that are currently in Explore?

A: All course descriptions in Explore as of May 31, 2017 have been automatically converted into GUFaculty360. Courses descriptions for courses starting Fall 2017 term will be housed in Banner, the Office of the Registrar's database for the university's official course catalog.  If you have questions about this process or if you need to update your course descriptions, please contact

Q: How will the migration affect departmental websites, in particular when faculty names are links that point to faculty member's Explore profiles?

A: There should be no impact as we will not publicly launch GUFaculty360 until September. Until that time Explore will still be available in view-only mode. Once we go public with GUFaculty360 we will automatically redirect the current URL from Explore to GUFaculty360. While Explore urls will continue to work in the next year, we encourage department webmasters to update faculty profile URLs to the GUFaculty360 one. A vanity URL has been created to make this process easier. That URL is:[netid]

Please replace the [netid] with your actual netid.