Echo360 Lecture Capture Support



What do I need to playback a lecture capture?

A Web browser is needed to playback a lecture capture.  Echo360 playback is supported on most of the recent major browser versions (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari). 

If you were asked to access a lecture capture in Blackboard, you will need an active NetID and NetID password to login to Blackboard. Additionally, you will need to be enrolled in the accompanying Blackboard course. However, if you were provided a link to a lecture capture outside of Blackboard, all you should need is a Web browser.

Please note: Echo360 captures cannot be viewed using the University's GuestNet wireless network; instead use SaxaNet, another wireless network, or a wired connection to view captures.

What are the requirements to use Echo360?

An active Georgetown University NetID and NetID password are needed to create recordings in Echo360.

The following information explains further requirements:

Recommended Operating Systems

Recommended Hardware and Software

Recommended Browsers

Supported Cameras

How can I playback a lecture capture on a mobile device?

Echo360 supports mobile platforms such as the iPad or iPhone, so it is possible to playback a lecture recording through the Blackboard App or direct email publisher. Depending on how the lecture capture is configured it may be slower to view on a mobile device, but it is still possible.

Why won't the lecture capture play when I click on the link in Blackboard?

If you are trying to access a lecture capture from within a Blackboard course site but the link doesn't work or the capture does not play properly, please try the following:

  1. You cannot view captures if you are using the university's GuestNet wireless network.  If attempting to access the lecture wirelessly on Georgetown's campus, make sure you are on the SaxaNet network.
  2. Make sure that your web browser allows "cookies". You can check this in your browser's "preferences"/"settings".
  3. Some networks may limit access to lectures and other media. If you are unable to view a capture at work, please check to see if you can view the same capture on another location such as home or school.  If you can view it on another network, please check with your employer to see if there are any firewall or access restrictions in place.
  4. Try a different web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome).

If these steps do not help you, please contact the UIS Helpdesk at or at (202) 687-4949.


  • You cannot view Echo360 captures on the GuestNet wireless campus network. Use the SaxaNet wireless network or another network instead.
  • You cannot publish Echo360 captures using the Personal Capture client on the GuestNet wireless campus network. Use the SaxaNet wireless network or another network instead.
  • If you wish to record a Personal Capture with a Mac laptop with a Retina display connected to a projector, you must connect the projector then check "mirror displays" before launching Echo360 (after connecting the projector, go to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and check "mirror displays").
  • If you use Echo360 Classroom Capture to make an adhoc recording on a podium computer, an incorrect default Product Group may appear (e.g., "Audio Only"). When setting up an adhoc capture on a podium computer, be sure to check the Product Group and change it if necessary to something that includes "Display" or "Rich Media Streaming," so the capture will include your screen content.