Making Lecture Captures on Your Computer

Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP)

Here are the quick steps for installing, recording, and publishing lecture captures using Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) software on your computer.

Step 1: Download and Install the Personal Capture Client (Mac & Windows)
Step 2: Creating a Capture (Mac & Windows)

Step 3: Edit Your Capture (optional) (Mac & Windows)
Step 4: Publish Your Capture (Mac & Windows)

Optional: Capture with a Webcam (Mac & Windows)


Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) is a stand-alone application that runs on Windows and Mac laptops and desktop computers. With Echo360 Personal Capture, faculty members can create captures external to the classroom that students can review both before and after class.

To create recordings, select the inputs you want to capture and click record. The recordings can then be edited before being published to Blackboard. Only recordings you select will be published to Blackboard. Feel free to record several times to achieve your desired results.

During the publishing process, you select the format or "product group" which will determine how the students will consume your recording (e.g. Audio only, Video only, etc.). 

Advanced User's Guide