Collaboration Features

Echo360 offers varies collaboration features including: sharing, bookmarks, discussions and usage statistics.

Usage Statistics:

The Usage Statistics feature allows instructors (not students) to see data about the number of users and views of a particular lecture capture. 

To view this information instructors must first log on to the EchoSystem Server (ESS) at Under the "Echoes" tab click on the link to the title of a lecture capture. Then on the "Echo Details" page click on the URL for the "EchoCenter Page" (second link from the top of the page). The Usage Statistics page should load in a new window. 

Here instructors can view a chart which indicates the number of unique viewers (indicated by the dark blue bar on the chart) and total views for a lecture capture. Instructors can also select the "weekly viewing" tab to see the same information but by each week instead of by each lecture capture.  

By scrolling down on this page, instructors can also view usage statistics for individual lecture captures. Under a specific week, instructors can click on the name of an individual lecture capture and see the number of unique visitors, cumulative views, discussion topics, and discussion replies. 

For further detailed information, please visit:


The bookmarks application allows viewer to create own scenes while viewing a lecture capture in the EchoPlayer. You can set the time of the bookmark as well as include notes for reference.

To create a bookmark, first click on "Bookmarks" button. You will then prompted with a textbook saying "Add a bookmark at the current timepoint".

Click in the textbook. To create a bookmark you MUST include text in this textbook. Then click submit and then new bookmark should appear listed under the bookmarks application (as seen below with "bookmark test").

You then can then can click on the new bookmark and the lecture content will load from that starting point.

It is also possible to edit current bookmarks by clicking on the "edit" button or delete an entire bookmark by clicking on "delete".



The discussion application allow students and instructors to engage in an online dialogue about the lecture.

To create a new discussion first reach the point in the lecture capture where you would like to start the discussion, as the discussion marker does include the time in the lecture at which they were created.

Then click on the "Discussions" button and then select "Create New Discussion".

You will then be prompted to include a title for the discussion and a message for the discussion in two separate text boxes. Once you have finished typing in this information click "Submit". Your new discussion thread should appear in the "Topics" section. 

After an original discussion has been created both students and instructors can reply to a discussion topic, but you are only able to reply to the main discussion thread not another person's response.

To reply to a discussion thread first click on the "Discussions" button, then on click on the discussion thread you want to respond to and click "Post Reply". Type your reply in the textbook and once finished click "Submit". Your reply will then be visible underneath the "Post Reply" button for other people to view.