Embedding a Video from Echo Server into Blackboard

Echo Steps:

1. Navigate to the Echo Server - https://lecturecapture.georgetown.edu

2. Log in with your Georgetown NetID and password (See Figure 1)

3. You will see a list of your recordings. 

4. Select the Name of the Video. Next, you will see the details of the recording. Notice the Current Status section.

5. Go to the Embed Code box (See Figure 2). Click inside the box and copy the Embed Code by right clicking and selecting "Copy" or using CTRL+C

a. Also make note of the "Available URL" you will need both the Embed Code and the Available URL to embed the video

Blackboard Steps:

Web Link Information:

6. Now log into Blackboard and go to your course.

7. Select the section of your Blackboard course where you want the video to be embedded.

8. Next, select Build Content

9. Choose Web Link (See Figure 3)

                                                                         Figure 3

10. Complete the details for Create Web Link (See Figure 4)

a. Type the name of the Recording

b. The URL field is where you place the Available URL from Step 5a

                                                                                              Figure 4


11. In the Description box, click the HTML button (See Figure 4)

12. A popup HTML Code Window will appear, Paste the Embed Code you copied in Step 5 into the HTML Code View Window (See Figure 5)

13. Click Update to close the window and apply the code.

                                                                                                             Figure 5


14. Attach the Transcription of the Video (optional, but required for Accessibility standards)

Web Link Options:

15. Choose to open the Web Link in a New Window to make the video accessible to all. (See Figure 6)

                      Figure 6

Standard Options:

16. Choose "Yes" to "Permit Users to View this Content"

17. Select to Track the Number of Views, if you desire.

18. Select the Date and Time if you plan to make the recording available after a time/date or for an interval of time


19. Click "Submit" in the bottom right when all information is completed

20. The recording will now be available on your Blackboard course.

Note: Firefox Security Procedure

Use this before viewing Echo recordings in Firefox.

Add an Exception:

1. Copy the URL for Echo - https://lecturecontent.georgetown.edu:8443/ess/app

2. Paste it in the Firefox Address Box and press enter.

3. You will see - Figure 7

                                                                                        Figure 7

4. Choose I Understand the Risks. (See Figure 8)

5. Next, Choose Add Exception.

                                                                                                        Figure 8

6. You will see the Add Security Exception dialog box. (See Figure 9)

7. Choose Confirm Security Exception.

8. Finally you will see the Echo Login Window.

                                                   Figure 9