Delete an Echo Recording from the Echo System Server (ESS)


When you delete an Echo, you delete it permanently. It cannot be retrieved after being deleted. Before deleting an Echo, consider these alternatives:

  • Make the Echo unavailable. If you want to keep the Echo but do not want students to view it, you can make the Echo unavailable. When you make an Echo unavailable, students can still see it listed on their EchoCenter pages but cannot view it. You can make the Echo available when you want students to view it. See Make an Echo Available or Unavailable for Viewing.
  • Archive the Echo. You can also move Echoes to an archive location. Students do not see archived Echoes on their EchoCenter pages. See Archive or Unarchive an Echo.


  1. Log in to the Echo System Server (ESS)Navigate to Echoes > Echoes.
  2. Select one of the tabs (All, Available, Unavailable, Archived). Note the number of items listed (Example: Available: 78).
  3. If you can easily do so, use the Search options to list only the Echoes you want to delete.
  4. Do one of the following:
  • To delete a single Echo, hover over the Echo and click delete.

  • To delete multiple Echoes:

  a. Check the Echoes you want to delete, either individually or using the Select links at the bottom of the page, highlighted in the below figure.
  b. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Select Delete permanently from the Actions drop-down list, also shown in the below figure

 5. Confirm that you want to delete the item(s).
 6. Notice the confirmation message at the top of the page.
 7. Refresh the page. Notice that:

  • The Echo is deleted from the list
  • The number of items listed for the tab is smaller