Copy an Echo Recording


You can copy an Echo Recording from one course or section (the "source") to another course or section (the "destination"). You might want to do this for many reasons.

For example, you might want to use last semester's Linguistics 101 recording(s) this semester. Or you teach both a basic Linguistics course (Linguistics 101) and a more advanced course in phonology (Linguistics 121). You are about to present an advanced topic to the phonology class, but you want to make sure that your students have absorbed some principles that you presented in Linguistics 101. You can copy the Linguistics 101 recording into the Linguistics 121 course. Follow these steps to copy the Echo.

Best practice: During the copy process, you will have a chance to Edit the title, description, and timestamp of the soon to be copied Echo. 

  • Why is this important? Students may be confused when they see an Echo in your course titled Linguistics 101, when it's been copied to the Lingusitics 121 course; and/or an Echo with a timestamp from the previous semester or year.


Follow these steps.

  1. Log in to the Echo System Server (ESS).
  2. Navigate to the Echoes Tab.
  3. Find the Echo recording you want to copy ("the source Echo"), as shown below. 

   4. Hover/Mouse over the Echo and click copy.

   5. Specify the destination term, course, and section. Click Copy.

   6. Review the Echo Details page for the new Echo.

        a. Notice the success message at the top of the page.
        b. Click Done.

  7. After some time, the Echo also appears on the EchoCenter page.  It is easy to recognize because, although most Echoes have the title of the destination section ("Phonology" in this example), the copied Echo has the title of the source section ("Intro to Linguistics" in this example).