Virtual Servers

New, lower UIS Services Charges Effective May, 1, 2014

Virtual servers are hosted and managed in the UIS Laurel Data Center.  Application hosting provides easy, secure, cost-effective, and reliable access to your applications and data from anywhere at any time. These virtual servers can run Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris operating systems. 

Benefits of VM slide


Today's physical modern server is often much more powerful than many applications need. VM Server Hosting enables faculty to pay for only the hardware resources they need rather than buying one dedicated server, and having to manage it.

Data backed up daily. Virtual systems are automatically a part of Georgetown's Disaster Recovery framework tier 3, with the option to purchase services in a higher tier such as real-time off-site replication and fail-over.

Application security and patches updated on a timely basis.

Sensitive data stored and protected per university privacy policies

Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers

For help in creating a request for VM hosting, contact the Account Management team or Research Technologies at

Many GU researchers and divisions use VM hosting for their projects. Here are a few examples:

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